Techniqly Train with G


Gezary Matuda

Train with G


Kieran Davern

Irish Butterfly Guard


Jeremy Skinner

Quantum Entanglement


Kamil Wilk

Leglocks Everywhere


shotgun ankle lock

Mateusz SzczeciƄski

Shotgun Ankle Lock


Tommi Pulkkanen

Spaghetti Spider


Peter Mamaev

Dynamic Bulgarian Bag Training


Jeff Lawson

B.J.J - Basically Just Judo


William Wayland

Practical Strength for Grapplers


Elvira & Lauri Karppinen

Ellu's Rubber Guard and Lauri's 'Truck License'


  • Techniqly instructionals are filmed using top-of-the-line cameras and equipment for clear picture and sound.
  • Smoothly play back the instructionals online with our embedded video player, that works perfectly with any browser or OS
  • Separately recorded audio to capture the instructors' important details clearly. Subtitles are provided where necessary.
  • Techniqly works perfectly on mobile, allowing you to watch your favourite instructionals from wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Watch some of the best instructors and competitors in Europe and the world from right here on