JITSMag Reviews Jeremy Skinner’s Leglock Defence Instructional from Technilqy

The great JITS Magazine has just released a review of Jeremy Skinner’s “Fundamental Leg Entanglements, Escapes, And Heelhooks” from Techniqly.

The full review can be found here.

The review is very positive and the instructional comes highly recommended.

Some highlights include:

Well Worth it and a Fantastic Starting Point

He’s a really eloquent and detailed teacher who hammers home the basic concepts around how to stay safe and protect yourself in leg entanglements constantly, reinforcing them throughout. The instructional is focused almost entirely on defending, escaping and then transitioning to more dominant positions when facing a proficient leglocker.


For the cost of the instructional (£40), there’s a good amount of content and serves as the perfect starting point for anyone who is starting to get into the leglock meta. Alternatively, this could really help anyone who finds themselves dragged into heelhook shootouts often, where both grapplers are attacking with little regard for defense. Anyone in either of those situations will find a great deal of benefit from studying this and really committing these solid defensive concepts and positional escapes to muscle-memory.