Masakazu Imanari’s “Master of Leglocks” is completely free to account holders at Techniqly

We recorded an instructional with Masakazu Imanari, one of the most famous grapplers in the world. In it, he goes through some of his most deadly submissions and even shows the latest version of the Imanari Roll in great detail, step by step.

The instructional is fully subtitled in English and is available completely for free as soon as you open an account on Techniqly.

The video will show up here after you have created an account.

It’s fully worth the short amount of time it takes to sign up to Techniqly. The legendary no gi grappler and MMA fighter goes through:

Outside Heel Hook from 50/50

Imanari-style ankle lock

The Shocker

The Imanari Roll

Inside heel hook entry from standing

Inside to Outside Achilles Lock

Heel Hook from Saddle – details

Escaping the Saddle – details

This is just a taste of what’s to come, as we will be filming a full-length instructional with Masakazu Imanari later in the year.

Masakazu Imanari is one of the most well-known innovators of the leg lock game. For many years, he was a pioneer, using his ferocious and advanced leg attack game to decimate opponents in MMA who had no idea what hit them. He continues his MMA career now, but also competes regularly in professional grappling shows such as Kasai and Polaris. Now you can learn some of his best moves with this lean and mean instructional. Imanari is a man of few words, so the instructional is short, but the content is premium Japanese leg-locking goodness.