Out Now! Learn Nasty Front Headlock Attacks and Chokes from Ben Dyson

Out Now!

Do you struggle with how to attack from a sprawl or find your opponent escaping when you attack from the front headlock? This clear and in depth instructional will show you how to dial in your attacks allowing you to control and ultimately submit your opponent.

Ben Dyson is one of the highest level competitors to come out of the UK in recent years. Along with being a multiple time veteran of professional shows such as Polaris and Fight 2 Win, Ben also won the 2019 ADCC European trials. Originally from Dorset in the South of the UK, Ben spent years teaching and competing out of Ippon gym in Bournemouth whilst periodically returning to train under his original BJJ coach; Roy Dean, whom he received his black belt from in 2017. Moving to the USA in late 2018, he spent time honing his game at some of the best academies on the West Coast before settling in Canada where he is currently the head BJJ coach of Lions MMA in Vancouver.

Known for his high level submissions and fondness of neckties of all variations, Ben is a very technical coach and provides detailed instruction in a clear, easily understood way. In this instructional you will be taught how to obtain the front headlock position and shown how to transition, control and attack your opponents with a variety of submissions from this control; as well as shown those all important small details that will help you to break down your opponents defences for the finish.

Specifically this instructional covers:

Obtaining the Front Headlock Control

Transitional positions:
Sprawl from takedown
Shin to shin counter
Knee slice pass

Standing entries:
Snap down from inside tie
Snap down from underhook

Butterfly guard to front headlock

Japanese Necktie from half guard
Japanese Necktie from front headlock
Step over Necktie
Peruvian Necktie
Basic D’arce from side control
Shoulder Dipper D’arce
Arm in Guillotine (off double leg)
Arm in Guillotine from front headlock
Elbow to Elbow Guillotine

Standing front headlock techniques:
Ankle Pick
Cement mixer
Guillotine takedown sit out

Necktie to Dorset Necktie
Necktie to D’arce
D’arce to Necktie
Arm in Guillotine to Anaconda
Arm in Guillotine to Triangle