• Spaghetti Spider

    Tommi Pulkkanen is one of the most dynamic competitors in Europe and is know for his flexible and dynamic guards. In this instructional Tommi will show you how to make the most of your Spider Guard; covering transitions, sweeps, submissions and showing some alternative control positions that will help you improve and refine your game.
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  • Dynamic Bulgarian Bag Training

    This instructional will show you how to get the most out of your Bulgarian Bag - one of the most versatile and useful training tools for any martial artist. If you could only get one piece of training equipment, get a bag! And this instructional...
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  • Neckties, Front Headlocks and Attacks.

    Do you struggle with how to attack from a sprawl or find your opponent escaping when you attack from the front headlock? This clear and in depth instructional will show you how to dial in your attacks allowing you to control and ultimately submit your opponent.
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  • Fundamental Leg Entanglements, Escapes, and Heel Hooks

    Do you know a little jiujitsu but find yourself struggling with heel hooks? Or are you already familiar but looking to improve? Or just getting started? Learn how to escape and counter-attack safely in this concise, easy-to-follow instructional.
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  • B.J.J - Basically Just Judo

    Learn throws, concepts, and submissions that actually work and are simple to apply. Inspired by judo, and refined through years of jiujitsu, Jeff shows techniques that you will be able to start implementing into your game immediately.
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  • Practical Strength for Grapplers

    Learn how to lift safely and effectively from coach William Wayland who walks you through exercises which directly translate over to increased performance on the mats. Get a free eBook containing programming methodology and sample routines with every purchase.
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