• Ellu's Rubber Guard and Lauri's 'Truck License'

    This amazing value double pack features two of the best-known instructors and competitors in Europe. Elvira & Lauri Karppinen are black belts under Eddie Bravo in the 10th Planet system, and in the gi under Magnuss Hanson. Here, ADCC medallist Elvira covers many of her favourite moves from Rubber Guard, and Lauri gives useful and unique insights on the Truck position.
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  • One to One With Chris Haueter: Closed Guard

    Obtaining his Black Belt in 1996 from Rigan Machado; Chris was practicing Jiu Jitsu before pretty much anyone outside of Brazil knew of its existence. Known for his effective and conceptual teaching style, this closed guard instructional will teach you how to retain your guard, control your opponent and ultimately, submit them with ease.
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  • Death by Arm Triangle

    Tom Barlow is one of the best black belts ever produced in the UK. Having trained extensively with Braulio Estima, as well as having spent a significant amount of time learning from the Mendes brothers, three-time world champion Tom Barlow's Death by Arm Triangle will teach you everything you need to know to be able to hit a crushing arm triangle effectively from almost any position.
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  • Spaghetti De La Riva

    Tommi Pulkkanen is one of the best competitors in Europe, known for his incredibly technical game that focuses on submissions as well as the latest lapel guard innovations, and some very powerful footlocks. In this instructional, Tommi takes us through some of his favourite movements from the De La Riva position.
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  • The Modern Game - X-guard and Leglocks

    Fight Sports black belt Tom Halpin brings you a clear and concise breakdown of the modern game, focusing specifically on the X-guard and leglocks. Filmed from multiple angles with top of the line equipment, this instructional covers everything you need to know to be able to finish leg attacks from key positions.
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  • Master of Leglocks

    FREE TO EVERY ACCOUNT HOLDER! Masakazu Imanari is one of the most well-known innovators of the leg lock game. For many years, he was a pioneer, using his ferocious and advanced leg attack game to decimate opponents in MMA who had no idea what hit them. Now you can learn some of his best moves with this lean and mean instructional. Imanari is a man of few words, so the instructional is short, but the content is premium Japanese leg-locking goodness.