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B.J.J – Basically Just Judo

Jeff Lawson

Learn throws, concepts, and submissions that actually work and are simple to apply. Inspired by judo, and refined through years of jiujitsu, Jeff shows techniques that you will be able to start implementing into your game immediately.

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Jeff Lawson’s “B.J.J. – Basically Just Judo” ⁠

Jeff aka Mr Ippon is a black belt in BJJ and Judo, appeared on the Ultimate Fighter and is a veteran of Polaris Pro Jiujitsu. He is also the head instructor of the Paraestra organisation in the UK, and the head instructor at Ippon Gym.

He’s won 14,000,0005 fights (figures may not be official) by throwing people and armbarring them, and now he’s showing you how to do it easily! ⁠

‘Basically Just Judo’ is an instructional that shows simple but effective techniques inspired by judo that are applicable to jiujitsu. Simple and effective are two incredibly overused terms when describing things, but in this case they are accurate – through years of on-the-mat knowledge, Jeff has distilled the techniques down to their most applicable forms. ⁠PLUS you can learn the real Japanese words and be just like John Danaher!

BJJ – Basically Just Judo shows throws, footsweeps and submissions that have been a staple of Jeff’s game for years. With a running time of approximately 84 mins, you’ll learn the kind of techniques that you will be able to quickly and easily slot into your game.

Topics covered:

  • Sumi-gaeshi – Corner Throw
  • Ippon-seoi-nage – Full Shoulder Throw“Ashiwaza” – Throws using the foot
  • Ukiwaza – Floating Technique
  • Ko-uchi-gari – Small Inner Reap
  • Newaza – Ground techniques
  • Jujigatame to sankakujime (Armbar to Triangle)
  • Traditional Sankaku / Triangle BJJ entry
  • Cross grip tani-otoshi – Valley Drop Throw
  • Foot sweep training
  • Tsubame-gaeshi – “Swallow Counter” to foot sweep
  • Sticky foot sweep



4 reviews for B.J.J – Basically Just Judo

  1. ja92 (verified owner)

    Jeff Lawson is a legend , top quality instructional , well layed out and presented, high quality video and audio , i can’t praise this enough

  2. ja92 (verified owner)

    Jeff Lawson is a legend you can watch his jiu jitsu matches and see everything he shows here play out in real time, top quality instructional , well layed out and presented, high quality video and audio , i can’t praise this enough

  3. alexjen92 (verified owner)

    Got my bluebelt from Jeff, so it was really nice with a review of different techniques I was taught a while ago. Quality stuff!

  4. jones.richardalistair (verified owner)

    Top notch instructional from a top notch instructor.

    Every single one of these techniques has been battle tested by Jeff. His teaching style is easy & relaxed and he explains concepts very easily.
    As a white belt with zero previous grappling experience, I’ve been able to add some of these techniques to my arsenal already.

    Highly recommended, although not if you train with me otherwise everyone will know what I’m going for 😀

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