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Dynamic Bulgarian Bag Training

Peter Mamaev

This instructional will show you how to get the most out of your Bulgarian Bag – one of the most versatile and useful training tools for any martial artist. If you could only get one piece of training equipment, get a bag! And this instructional…


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In this instructional, Suples Pro Instructor and BJJ Black Belt; Peter Mamaev will cover four core exercises in detail, demonstrating correct form through easy to follow steps, show how to combine these exercises for the best results and show numerous assistance exercises to help round out your strength and conditioning routines.

Invented by Bulgarian Olympic wrestler Ivan Ivanov, Bulgarian bags are a relatively recent addition to the strength and conditioning scene. Originally designed as a wrestling specific training aid the crossover potential for other combat sports is easy to see.

Peter is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, the head coach and co-owner of Jungle BJJ Dublin, based in Ireland. After witnessing first hand the benefits of Suples Training Systems for the sport of BJJ and grappling, Peter became obsessed with bringing these training methods to his students at Jungle BJJ and the wider group of fitness enthusiasts, hobbyist and professional combat athletes – “I am thrilled to make this instructional available today on Techniqly! It is very easy to get excited about Suples Bulgarian Bags – the first time I saw one in use, I immediately knew I wanted to train with it! At the same time, there is nothing more frustrating that getting an excellent piece of kit and not knowing what to do with it, or how to train safely! With this instructional, our aim is to give you the essential tools to start and, more importantly, enjoy your journey with the Bulgarian Bag.”

Upon purchase you will receive a discount code to shop with Bags & Grit, where, if you don’t already own one, you can get yourself a Bulgarian Bag.

Training Certifications:

  • Bulgarian Bag Level 1 – Suples Fit
  • Bulgarian Bag Level 2 – Suples Strong
  • Suples Ball Level 1 – Suples Fit
  • Suples Pro Level Instructor





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