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Fundamental Leg Entanglements, Escapes, and Heel Hooks

Jeremy Skinner

Do you know a little jiujitsu but find yourself struggling with heel hooks? Or are you already familiar but looking to improve? Or just getting started? Learn how to escape and counter-attack safely in this concise, easy-to-follow instructional.

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Jeremy Skinner is graded under Craig Jones and Lachlan Giles, which is a very strong pedigree. A competitor with a high submission rate, Jeremy also has a cerebral approach to the game that has allowed him not only competition success but the ability to progress in skill quickly and efficiently. His no-nonsense approach is reminiscent of his coach Lachlan’s concise style, and there are shades of John Danaher in there too, with a relentless focus on efficiency and clarity.

This instructional lays out exactly how to survive, defend, escape and then counter attack heel hooks and leg entanglements. With the announcement from the IBJJF that heel hooks will become legal in their no-gi events, this instructional is targeted at anyone looking to improve their ability in the leg lock department. Many traditional gi practitioners find themselves the proverbial fish out of water when the gi comes off and heel hooks come into play, but this instructional will help to demystify the position and explain exactly what you need to do to safely escape and counter with your own submissions.

This video covers:

SECTION 1 – Straight Leg Entanglements (Ashi Garami)
1.1 Heel Slip Ashi Garami
1.2 Heel Slip Outside Ashi Garami
1.3 Ashi Garami Defensive Positioning
1.4 Neutral Ashi Garami
1.5 Neutral Ashi Garami to Half Guard
1.6 Ashi Garami to Neutral Ashi Garami
1.7 Outside Ashi Garami to Neutral Ashi

SECTION 2 – Cross Leg Entanglements (50/50 and Saddle)
2.1 Heel Slip from 50/50
2.2 Heel Slip from Saddle
2.3 50/50 and Saddle Defensive Positioning
2.4 Outside Crab to Saddle
2.5 Outside Crab to Back Take
2.6 80/20 to 50/50
2.7 Saddle to 50/50



4 reviews for Fundamental Leg Entanglements, Escapes, and Heel Hooks

  1. billy.insp (verified owner)

    Crazy information being handed over here for just 40 pounds!!

  2. soulfirestudio (verified owner)

    Really well put together system of techniques,and excellent presentation and explanation. This is a must have to help with your leg lock game

  3. Marc Grayson (verified owner)

    A great insight into the fundamentals of the modern leg game. The explanation of how and when to transition to neutral ashi garami was really well detailed, along with how to counter attack from there. The specific guidance around how to remain safe in 80/20 and 50/50 was also really valuable. Very easy to follow guidance, and multiple camera angles are provided so you can clearly see how movements are being undertaken.

  4. jjavatar99 (verified owner)

    Top quality production. Information is concise; to the point and extremely practical. There is no “out there techniques” which are one in a million applications and the concept based approach is fabulous at linking all the techniques together. Highly recommend.

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