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Irish Butterfly Guard

Kieran Davern

Learn the most effective Irish butterfly guard techniques from Straight Blast Gym (John Kavanagh) black belt, Kieran Davern. Learn sweeps, submissions, and principles that you can instantly apply to your open guard game.


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Kieran is a veteran of competitions all over Europe, notably Polaris where he has represented Team UK & Ireland in Squads. This instructional takes you through his notoriously powerful butterfly guard game, covering distance control, movement and off-balancing, grip-fighting and sweeps. These lead into submissions, notably leglock entries, which Kieran also covers in detail. This instructional will help to elevate your butterfly guard game to the next level. Butterfly guard is an integral open guard position in both gi and no gi, and while the instructional focuses on the no gi aspect, the principles will help any gi player also.

Kieran has had spectacular success implementing his butterfly guard game at the highest levels of jiujitsu, including at Polaris where he has appeared multiple times, and been an effective competitor every time. Kieran trains and teaches at SBG Tullamore in Ireland.




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