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Leglocks Everywhere

Kamil Wilk

Hone your lower body submissions with multiple time ADCC National Champion; Kamil Wilk, known as the leg-lock guru who hosts the most popular leg-lock training camps regularly in his native Poland.


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Kamil Wilk is known for his incredibly effective and unorthodox leg lock game and is a two-time silver ADCC European trials competitor and a veteran of professional shows such as Polaris and Grapplefest. In this instructional the multiple time ADCC national champion will show you how to set up a variety of lower body submissions and talk you through those important small details which will make finishing your submissions that much easier. This is a must have instructional for anyone looking to improve their lower body attacks from a variety of positions and Kamil does an excellent job of presenting the techniques, entries and submissions which have made him one of the best modern leg lock competitors to come out of Europe.




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