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Overpowered Leglocks

Tom Halpin

Includes FULL ACCESS to Tom’s previous instructional, “The Modern Game: X-Guard and Leglocks”

Follow up EBI champ Tom Halpin’s best-selling first instructional with this in-depth look at finishing leglocks, focusing on the backside position. Counter their defenses and finish strong with Overpowered Leglocks.


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Includes FULL ACCESS to Tom’s previous instructional, “The Modern Game: X-Guard and Leglocks”

EBI Champion, Polaris veteran and all-around Irish legend Tom Halpin follows up his successful first instructional with “Overpowered Leglocks”, focused on getting to the strongest finishing positions and decimating your opponent’s limbs. Tom has the counters to the counters all mapped out, refined through endless hours of training and competition. With Overpowered Leglocks, you won’t be surprised by any move they try, and you’ll have an answer for everything – finishing every time with a powerful submission.

Tom Halpin is a well-known Irish black belt under Fight Sports, with numerous impressive wins on Polaris and EBI, including heel hook wins over UFC fighter Brett Johns, and the legend Masakazu Imanari. Tom’s instructional style is precise and well-spoken, while being easy to follow, and full of some of the best leglock knowledge in Europe, if not the world.




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