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Spaghetti De La Riva

Tommi Pulkkanen

Tommi Pulkkanen is one of the best competitors in Europe, known for his incredibly technical game that focuses on submissions as well as the latest lapel guard innovations, and some very powerful footlocks. In this instructional, Tommi takes us through some of his favourite movements from the De La Riva position.

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Tommi Pulkkanen is one of the best black belts to come out of Finland in recent years and is known for his innovative & dynamic Gi game that focuses on submissions as well as the latest lapel guard innovations. Tommi is a black belt competing out of Hilti BJJ in Lahti, Filand and is a multiple IBJJF champion and has competed on professional shows such as Polaris.

In this instructional, Tommi focuses on one of his favorite positions; De La Riva (DLR) guard. Popularised by the legendary Ricardo De La Riva, this guard is ideal for frustrating and off balancing your opponent, preventing them from passing and opening them up to being swept or having their back taken. Known as a very nuanced and tricky guard to master; Tommi breaks down his favourite ‘go to’ moves from this position and in this intructional will show you how to:

  • Create the angle from DLR to expose the opponents back.
  • Take the back via a few different methods
  • Attack the legs and finish the submission from DLR
  • Take the back via Berimbolo via a few different methods
  • Obtain mount from Berimbolo
  • Get the ankle lock from DLR
  • Get the ankle lock from Berimbolo



3 reviews for Spaghetti De La Riva

  1. s.soenen (verified owner)

    Good instructional, Tommi is going into important details. Already tried, and succeeded with some things in training too 🙂

  2. dan.laksana (verified owner)

    such a good explanation on the small details that needs to be fixed and he is really meticulous. cant wait to try them out on the mats soon.

  3. kapsag3 (verified owner)

    Really good techniques, battle tested with key details from Tommi, who is a great instructor with his fluent English.

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