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Spaghetti Spider

Tommi Pulkkanen

Tommi Pulkkanen is one of the most dynamic competitors in Europe and is know for his flexible and dynamic guards. In this instructional Tommi will show you how to make the most of your Spider Guard; covering transitions, sweeps, submissions and showing some alternative control positions that will help you improve and refine your game.


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Tommi Pulkkanen is one of the best black belts to come out of Finland in recent years and is known for his innovative & dynamic Gi game that focuses on submissions as well as the latest lapel guard innovations. Tommi is a black belt competing out of Sigma Jiu-Jitsu in Lahti, Filand and is a multiple IBJJF champion and has competed on professional shows such as Polaris.

In this instructional Tommi focuses on the Double Sleeve and Spider Guard showing you easy entries, transitions and how to control and ultimately submit your opponent from this dynamic position. As well as focusing on the core moves of the Double Sleeve and Spider Guard, Tommi will explain how to effectively transition to lasso control and demonstrate the effectiveness of both the shallow and deep lasso and also how to incorporate shin to shin guard into your game.




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