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Train with G

Gezary Matuda

Gezary Matuda is a world champion jiujitsu athlete, and here she’s showing you how to stay fit, healthy and strong at home with little to no equipment. All you need is a little bit of space and these four personal, 1-to-1 training session with G.


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Recent times introduced a lot of uncertainty into our lives, and for the first time for many of us, our daily routines were interrupted. We created this video along with jiujitsu world champion Gezary Matuda, so that you could stay fit, healthy and strong at home. For many of us, staying motivated is the hardest part about keeping fit when we are on our own, but with Train with G, you’ve got the privilege of a private, one-to-one session with Gezary Matuda. The video takes us through four separate workouts, that can be done on their own on different days, or combined, depending on how much of a workout you want to do. Each workout takes approximately 20 minutes.

First, there’s a general full body workout. Next, Gezary takes you through a session aimed specifically at mobility – great for jiujitsu athletes or even someone who’s sat in front of a computer all day and needs to get the body moving. After that, there is an ab-focused workout that will help you to improve your core strength, and finally, a HIIT workout to really aid in cardio and fat blasting.




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