Practical Strength for Grapplers

William Wayland


Learn how to lift safely and effectively from coach William Wayland who walks you through exercises which directly translate over to increased performance on the mats. Get a free eBook containing programming methodology and sample routines with every purchase.

Experienced with years of training high level athletes, including UFC Featherweight; Arnold Allen, strength and conditioning coach & BJJ brown belt; William Wayland, has put together a introductory guide to the best weighted exercises that you can perform which directly translate over to increased strength and endurance for BJJ.

Gaining inspiration from strength trainer Dan John, William has classified the 3 main goals of strength training for BJJ as Anaconda Strength (maximum strength), Armour Building (hypertrophy) and Mongoose Persistence (strength endurance). In this instructional William walks us through each of the 5 main loadable movement patterns: (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Brace) and demonstrates exercises for each movement pattern that will directly benefit the main strength goals, leading to better strength and stamina on the mats.

In addition to the video instructional, every purchase comes with a free eBook which goes into greater detail regarding the methodology behind the training, sample training regimes and advice on how to construct a workout plan to make the most out of the exercises demonstrated in the instructional.


Please note that a direct link to download the eBook will be contained in the purchase confirmation email that you’ll receive. 




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